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Biking vs. Driving

About Me

Smog in California
Table of Main Air Pollutants
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About Me
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This isn't corporate America, this is me.

Who am I?

Background Information

I am a high school senior who will be graduating in a few weeks. I made the decision to bike a while back and find an increasing joy in doing so. First period is no longer as dreaded as it was and my friends wonder why I am suddenly so… peppy. Personally, I blame the endorphins.Yes, I’ve had my fair share of crashes and sudden rainstorms, but in Portland, Oregon this is to be expected and trust me, it’s not that bad. While my friends are working so that they can drive themselves to work, I work to have fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why I am the way I am

I lived in the second most populated city of Taipei, Taiwan for a year where the smog is thick, motor bikes fill the streets and everyone has to boil there water three times through before it can even be touched. I’m not eco-friendly because everyone else is trying to be. I know what pollution is like and I live my life knowing that if I sit and do nothing, pollution will infest every corner of the world until we have nothing left. This is my concern for the world, but what is yours?

Taiwanese at heart. The most beautiful sunrise from the tip of Ali Shan Mountain in Taiwan.